How to Pack a Camera Bag

David De Lossy/Photodisc/Getty Images

Traveling with an expensive camera and accessories such as lenses and flashes may be stressful. Cameras easily can suffer damage if they are not packed safely in a secure traveling kit. Packing your camera and gear into a camera bag is the best way to travel with a camera as it keeps everything safe and organized.

Choosing the Right Bag

Choose a camera bag big enough but not too big. The camera and accessories should fit snugly into the camera bag. A tight fit prevents the lens and camera from wobbling around and causing possible damage. A bag should have several compartments and be waterproof. The different compartments of a camera bag separate and help to safely store equipment. They also make it easy to organize all the equipment. Pack the camera and accessories in the same compartments so you always know where they are.

Packing the Bag

Wrap the camera and gear in bubble wrap to add extra padding and protection; another option is to use a T-shirt. The basic idea is to fill in any gaps in the compartments to prevent the equipment from shifting. Cover lenses with lens caps. Secure the caps with masking tape to ensure they do not slip off. Place batteries and memory sticks in plastic containers before storing them in the camera bag to offer stronger protection against moisture. Store undeveloped film in a separate carry-on case if you are traveling by air. X-ray machines at airports can damage film so ask security personnel to hand check the bag to protect the film.