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How to Overcome Cinavia on the PS3

An automatic PlayStation 3 update, the Cinavia DRM Protection patch is a security measure employed by Sony to prevent users from playing pirated movies with the console. The software detects offending DVDs and Blu-ray discs, displays an initial warning, then interrupts the video on a timed interval. While this is effective against illegally acquired movies, it is unfortunately also effective against home movies and original video that isn't pirated with its default settings. Edit these settings to allow your system to play your law-abiding videos.

Launch your PS3 console and wait for the main menu to appear.

Scroll on the horizontal axis to the column labeled "Settings" with a picture of a toolbox.


Choose "Sound Settings" from the "Settings List," then select "Audio Output Settings." The audio settings must be adjusted, because Cinavia detects a frequency unheard by human ears to tell whether a movie is original or pirated.


Click "Optical Digital" on the TV connector screen that appears. Fill in the check marks next to the audio formats to make them supported audio formats. Cinavia will no longer interrupt videos played on burned DVDs.

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