How to Needlepoint a Belt

Things You'll Need

  • Needlepoint canvas
  • Wool or silk threads suitable for your canvas size
  • Tapestry needles
  • Six-inch scroll frame

Needlepoint belts are a classic look, suitable for men or women. Patterns can be geometric, floral or pictoral. You can even needlepoint a belt with a zebra or leopard print for a playful addition to your wardrobe. Design your own needlepoint belt pattern or work from a chart or painted belt canvas. Once the needlepoint is complete, professional finishing will make your belt a favorite accessory for years to come.

How to Needlepoint a Belt

Determine the desired belt size. Do this by adding two inches to the wearer's pant size or measuring a belt from the usual hole to the outer edge of the belt buckle. Subtract four inches from this to determine how much of the canvas to stitch. Cut the canvas to size, allowing a generous allowance around each edge.

Choose a design for your needlepoint belt. Design your needlepoint belt on graph paper - the evenly spaced squares help accurately plot out your motifs or other design.

Finish the edges of your needlepoint canvas by hemming with a sewing machine or wrapping with masking tape. Stitch the canvas onto a six-nch wide scroll frame, sewing by hand or machine as you prefer.

Center a needlepoint design on the canvas, marking the canvas and your chart as needed. Keep in mind that two inches of stitching on either end of the needlepoint belt will be covered by leather during finishing. Work this portion of the belt in plain stitching. Plan for a binding stitch along each long edge of the belt or allow for two rows of plain stitching as a seam allowance.

Work the needlepoint design on the belt. Finish all ends neatly for a flat, durable and professional result. Wash and block the belt, pinning it tautly to size. Allow to dry completely.

Use a professional finishing service to complete your needlepoint belt. Finish a needlepoint belt by applying leather a leather backing and leather ends, as well as a buckle. Expect needlepoint-belt finishing to cost between $80 and $100.


  • As an alternative to expensive professional finishing, hand finish your belt with cotton belt webbing and a purchased slide-style buckle.