How to Mount a Photo Onto Foam Board

Things You'll Need

  • Foam board
  • Photographs
  • Adhesive photo corners
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Foam board is a special mounting board used for mounting graphics of all kinds, including photos. Foam board is rigid, which enables easy mounting, yet it is lightweight enough to cut and laminate as necessary to create a finished project. For professional results, mount a photo onto foam board with special adhesive photo corners designed to preserve the integrity of the photo for years to come.

Lay the foam board onto a flat work surface and determine the desired layout for the photo or photos. Use the ruler and pencil to help plan the desired placement of the photos. Make small marks with the pencil to show where the corners of the photos will rest on the foam board.

Place a photo corner onto the corners of each of the photos you will be mounting onto the foam board.

Peel away the adhesive from the backs of the photo corners on a photo and position the photo at the pencil marks made in Step 1. Press firmly to attach the photo corners to the foam board.

Repeat Step 3 to attach the rest of your photos to the foam board according to your layout.


  • Use photo corners with acid-free adhesive to keep photos preserved for long-term display on the foam board.