How to Mix Leather & Fabric Furniture

Ancient and leather armchair image by terex from

Mixing leather and fabric furniture when designing the interior of a room can add variety and contrast. Finding complimentary pieces of leather and fabric furniture is easy if you select a central color scheme.

Determine the central piece of the room you are decorating. The central piece can be a couch, rug, table or chair. Base your color scheme on that focal item.

Pick the dominate material for the room. Leather is recommend for furniture that gets heavy use due to the material's durability.


Accessorize each piece with items that match in color, but are constructed of different materials. Place fabric throw pillows on a leather couch of the same color, or use a leather ottoman with a coordinating fabric chair.


Add more accessories to the room using the inside-out method. Work from the central piece out to the walls . Add end tables, coffee tables, lamps, curtains, paintings and so on, all while maintaining the color theme.