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How to Meet Great Music Producers

You can meet music producers without resorting to extraordinary means.
bman_search image by Andrey Kiselev from Fotolia.com

Successful music producers are ordinary people who do ordinary things and maintain daily schedules. They have telephones, email addresses, a social life and a network of friends. Their success depends upon meeting new people and finding up-and-coming talent. If you are a musician, band, filmmaker, writer or simply interested in meeting an important music producer, there are several ways to accomplish this.

Make connections in the music business. Networking and making contacts is a vital skill and strategy in the business world. The best way to meet important movers and shakers in the music industry is to have a common acquaintance introduce you.

Stay up-to-date on the music business, which ebbs and flows. Keep informed on the identities of major music producers. Read trade magazines and spend time perusing music industry websites. Sign up for Billboard's online newsletter that will keep you informed about all aspects of the business. Hitquarters.com provides names and contact information for music producers and record labels.

Attend charity events and music conferences. Be alert for opportunities to meet music producers. Seize those moments, but do not be a nuisance.

Send an email. Some music producers have websites listing their email addresses. Write a brief message describing who you are and the type of music you perform. Ask for a meeting or appointment. You may be surprised when they say yes.

Find out where they hang out. Utilize your music business connections to learn the nightclubs and other spots where the producers like to unwind. Go have a few drinks and take the opportunity to introduce yourself.


Don't be overbearing when you meet them. Be cool and casual. Develop a plan on what you want to say. You will have just a few minutes to make an impression.

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