How to Make Your Own Tribal Belly Dance Belts

belly dancing women image by Lisa Eastman from

Things You'll Need

  • Extra heavy yarn, rope or macramé cord (50 to 75 yards)
  • Scissors

“Belly dance” is a catch-all term referring to traditional and performance dance styles from the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Contemporary performers and students in the West, such as in the U.S., Australia and Western Europe also have formed belly dance companies which take inspiration from these dance styles. The costuming of these forms of dance varies, but because the movement centers on the abdomen, a belt or scarf around the hips is usually worn, for class and practice as well as performances. This belt is inspired by the traditional Tunisian folkloric costume.

Measure and cut 18 lengths of yarn or cord, about 3 yards long each.

Gather all cut pieces together and tie a knot 18 inches from one end.

Take the longer end of the yarn (below the knot) and separate these longer yarns into 3 equal groups.

Braid the three sets of yarn lengths together into one long, thick braid.

Place the knot with the shorter end of the yarn at one hip bone, and wrap the braided belt around your hips.

Tie another knot where the braided end meets the original knot at the hip. You will now have a braided belt with a tassel at each end.

Fit the belt around your hips and tie the two ends together so both tassels hang from the same hip.


  • You can add beads, bells or other embellishments to the tassel ends of the belt.