How to Make Your Own Pool Toys

Make your own versions of popular pool toys.
colorful pool toy floating in a summer pool image by Jorge Moro from

Before you throw away your plastic containers or deliver them to the local recycling center, try to find a use for them at home. This is easy if you have a swimming pool because plastics make excellent floating toys. They're cheap, easy to make and relatively safe even for the youngest swimmers. All you need to construct them is rubber cement.

Remove the lid from an empty 1-gallon plastic water jug. Apply rubber cement around the inner rim of the lid and screw it on as tightly as possible. Use the jug as a ball in pool games.

Remove the lid from an empty 5-gallon plastic water jug and glue it to the jug as in Step 1. Use the jug as a floating device.

Remove the lid from a 6-by-12-by-31.5-inch plastic storage container. Apply rubber cement along the top edge of the container, replace the lid and press down tightly to secure the bond. Use the container as a pool float.


  • Fill the toys with glitter or confetti to make them more attractive. Avoid paint because it can come off in the pool water.


  • Though these toys can help inexperienced swimmers float in the pool, never leave someone unattended who doesn't know how to swim.