How to Make Your Own Name Sign for a Cottage

Things You'll Need

  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Tracing paper
  • Router
  • Bits
  • Scissors
  • Rope
  • Staple gun

Exterior signs serve as decorations that can display the name (usually surname) of the residents of the home upon which they hang. These are often found on cottages, which can become even cozier and quainter when bearing a name sign. If you would like to have your own name sign for a cottage, you can make one with a few rudimentary tools.

Select a shape, size and type of wood. Consider selecting a style of wood that will complement your cottage.

Draw the design for your name sign on a sheet of paper. You can form the letters of your name and add a family emblem or symbol as well.

Place a sheet of tracing paper on top of the wood, and place the paper with your design on it over the tracing paper. Transfer your name design onto the wood by tracing the lines of your design with a pen.

Place a bit onto the router; a plunge bit works nicely for creating letters. Turn the router on, allow it time to heat and begin tracing your name design slowly and steadily, burning it into the wood.

Cut a length of rope with which to hang your name sign. Staple each end of the rope to the back of the sign. Hang your sign on your cottage and enjoy.


  • The deeper you press the router into the wood, the more definition your name will have, but don't press too deeply; this could weaken the board and cause it to split.

    Sand your name sign with sandpaper and paint or stain it if you wish.


  • Beware of burning the wood by keeping the router in one place for too long; try to keep the router slowly but steadily moving at all times.

    Beware of burning yourself when working with hot routers.