How to Make Your Own Key Tag

Make Your Own Key Tag

Whether you are getting organized or just want to change your existing key chain, making key tags is a great way to label every key in your life. Tagging your keys makes them easier to find but it also avoids confusion and mistakes when grabbing the correct set. Learn how to easily label and tag your keys.

Make Your Own Key Tag

Things You'll Need

  • Permanent Marker
  • Masking Tape

Visit your local office supply store and purchase blank tags or order tags online by checking out the references section for some ideas on tags that can be delivered to your home. Choose colored tags to sort keys by category or identify many keys as belonging to certain buildings, etc. Select a construction material, whether paper or plastic, depending on the use. Look for a tag that has an included metal key ring, not string or wire.

Label your tags using permanent marker, or use a label maker to attach stickers to the tags. Include company decals and address information, in case of misplaced keys, if desired. Use the included metal key rings to attach the keys to the tags.

Make less durable tags at home using masking tape. Take a piece of thin masking tape and loop it through the key ring with the sticky side against the metal. Fold the tape over onto itself so that both sides of the tape, facing outwards, are non-sticky and suitable for writing. Use scissors to trim the tape to the ideal length. Write your label or information on the masking tape.