How to Make Your Own Handwriting Font

Alphabet : écriture script et cursive, majuscules et minuscules image by Unclesam from

You can create a font out of your handwriting, or you can have a service do it for you. The former will generally cost hundreds, if not thousands, in software. The latter costs under $100, even if you want a cursive font that connects between letters. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get the font to look exactly like your handwriting. A letter can’t vary based on what letters are on either side of it. Therefore, the letters won’t always connect just right, and the repeated letters will clearly look the same, unlike genuine handwriting.

Try the Pages Pro website, which will convert your handwriting into a font for you, including cursive letters that connect with each other for an extra charge. See the link below for a sample.

Go to, if you’d rather do the font creation yourself. The link for the tutorial is in the lower-right corner of the webpage. However, the software is hundreds to thousands of dollars--much more than having a service do it.


Try for a low-budget solution. It doesn’t provide connecting cursive, but it is very inexpensive.