How to Make Your Own Candy Bar Birth Announcements

Things You'll Need

  • One foil-wrapped candy bar per recipient
  • Computer with word processing software
  • Printer with black and color ink
  • Pink paper for girl babies or blue paper for boy babies
  • Clear double-stick tape
  • Ruler

Candy bar birth announcements are sweet and creative ways to spread the news of the arrival of a new family member. They are highly customizable and easy to make in bulk. Because they are edible and fragile, delivery of the time-sensitive items should be handled in person rather than mailed. Make a template in advance of the birth and enter the pertinent information shortly after delivery. Alternately, use miniature candy bars and serve a bowl full to coworkers or visitors to your home. Use any candy bar that has a separate foil wrapper inside a paper brand label.

Creating a Template

Remove the paper wrapper from one candy bar and measure the length and width. Also measure the width of each folded section: the flaps that were glued together and the top where the brand name was printed.

Open your computer’s word processing software and make a table one column wide and three rows high.

Edit the table properties and use the width of the spread-open wrapper as the table width.

Set the heights of rows one and three based on the measurement of the two bottom flaps. Set the middle row's height as the height of the top of the label where the brand name was printed.

Be sure to deselect “automatically resize to fit contents” or any similar verbiage to prevent the software from shifting your columns.

Type the words of the announcement into the middle row in the font and size of your choice and add a small graphic if desired. Add height and weight stats and name after the birth date.

Edit the table borders so that the inside lines are not printable. Leave the outside lines visible as a cutting guide.

Preparing the candy bars

Refrigerate or freeze the candy bars to prevent them from melting while you handle them.

Carefully remove the paper wrappers from each candy bar while leaving the foil inner wrapper intact.

Discard the paper brand labels and return the wrappers to the refrigerator while you print the announcement labels.

Preparing the labels

Insert fancy card stock or colored paper into the printer and print the pre-made tables. You may be able to print multiple tables per sheet, depending on the size of the candy bar.

Print the labels at the highest quality setting for sharp lines.

Trim the printed labels and fold them so that they have two flaps for closing the ring at the bottom.

Finishing the announcements

Wrap a label around each candy bar in the same manner that the original brand label was positioned.

Use small pieces of double-stick tape to adhere the bottom flaps one on top of the other.

Store the candy bar birth announcements in a cool, dry place until distribution.


  • Some common copy is “HereSheIs” or “HereHeIs” as a nod to the Hershey bar contents. Buy plain chocolate candy bars in bulk from warehouse stores to save on supply costs. Batch each step of the construction to speed the process (remove all labels, do all cutting, fold all labels, adhere all labels).


  • It is not advisable to mail candy bar birth announcements during warm weather as they will melt during transit. Send an empty dummy wrapper instead or wrap the label around a non-chocolate treat.