How to Make Yarn Leis

Would you like a little taste of Hawaii without paying for a plane flight? You can easily make a yarn lei with your children. It's easy once you get the hang of it, and all you need is some yarn and a few drinking straws to do the job. The finished lei looks great for wearing around your neck, and it's the most colorful if you use rainbow yarn.

Things You'll Need

  • Straws
  • Yarn (In The Color Of Your Choice)

Measure a length of yarn around your neck, letting it hang slightly larger than the finished lei you would like to have. Cut the piece of yarn. This will be the center of your lei.

Take a drinking straw, and thread your center yarn piece through the drinking straw. To get the yarn through, you can drape it into the opening and suck on the other end of the straw.

Knot the end of the yarn at one end, and push the straw up to the knot.

Cut another piece of yarn about arm's length. Tie one end of this piece to your center yarn piece, in a knot just above the straw.

Hold the straw in place on the yarn by pinching. Wrap your second piece of yarn around and around the straw in continuous loops, until the straw is covered. Push the loops gently up and ease the straw down the yarn. The loops will now be encircling the string and the straw will be empty. Continue circling the straw again and repeat until the lei is complete.

Add a new piece of yarn (in a different color, if desired) when the first piece of string is used up. Tie it onto the first string with a knot and continue circling the straw. At the end, just knot the final looping piece of string to the end of the lei, and then tie both lei ends together in a knot. Your lei is now complete.


  • Use three straws taped together to make bigger loops on your lei.