How to Make Wizard of Oz Lollipop Props

Things You'll Need

  • Craft foam
  • Wooden dowels
  • Craft glue
  • Craft knives and carving tools
  • Water-based foam coating
  • Acrylic paints

The well-liked movie "The Wizard of Oz" is a popular source of costumes and props for Halloween and other costume or stage play. Some of the most memorable props are the giant lollipops used by the Lollipop Guild characters in the Munchkinland scenes, which can be made from simple craft foam. Whether you're making props for a Halloween costume or for a stage production, these lollipops will stand up to reasonably vigorous use and can be easily repaired if damaged. To make your "Wizard of Oz" lollipop props, complete the following instructions.

Determine the size circle you will need for each lollipop. On a thin sheet of craft foam, trace a circular object that is about that size, or draw your own circle using a compass. Cut the circle from the craft foam and shave the edges with the craft knives until they are reasonably smooth.

Carve a hole the circumference of the dowel into one side of each circle, so that you can easily insert the dowels to create lollipop shapes. These sides will be the bottoms of your "Wizard of Oz" lollipops. Remove the dowels to continue working.

Carve the fronts and backs of the circles to look more like the lollipops in the film. Use a reference image, such as the Lollipop Guild scene from the movie, or look at a real old-fashioned lollipop to get some ideas of the curling shapes you want to cut from the craft foam. You can also make up your own style of lollipop surface, as long as your lollipops are done in an exaggerated style like the other props from the movie. Work small, taking foam off little by little, so that you do not make any irreversible mistakes.

Coat all surfaces of the craft foam with a water-based foam-safe coating when you are satisfied with your carving. Let the coating dry overnight before continuing.

Paint each circle with acrylic paints. Use a wide variety of bright colors so that you capture the spirit of the movie as much as possible. You can copy the designs from the film or create your own bold lollipops by making swirls and stripes of different colors on each circle. Also paint the wooden dowels to look like lollipop sticks.

Fill the hole at the bottom of each circle with craft glue, and insert your wooden dowels into the holes. Hold them steadily in place until the glue dries. If the head of the lollipop moves around too much on the dowel, you may need to add more glue.