How to Make Window Decals

Kids will love making their own window decals.

Make your own window decals (also known as window clings) to stick on your windows or any smooth, slick surface, such as a mirror or stainless steel refrigerator. Create decorations for holidays, special occasions or just for the fun of it. You can draw your designs freehand, or you can print simple designs from your computer to use as templates.

Pour white school glue into small containers or an ice cube tray.

Add a few drops of food coloring to each container or section of the ice cube tray, and stir with a craft stick or toothpick. You can also mix the food colors to make new colors (red and blue makes purple, etc.).

Lay out your plastic of choice and tape it to your workspace to keep it from moving around. If you are using a printed template to help you draw your design, tape the template under the plastic.

Paint your design directly on the plastic surface with the colored glue. Be generous with the colored glue and make sure you completely fill in your design so there are no spaces. You may want to let each color dry a little before applying the next to prevent the colors from bleeding into each other.

Paint as many decals as will fit on your plastic surface. If you run out of paint, just make more. You can also add glitter to your paint for a glittery look. If you want to make thicker decals, let the first layer dry, then add more colored glue on top.

Let your window decals dry overnight, then carefully peel them off the plastic and stick them on your windows, refrigerator or a mirror. You can put them on your car windows, but you should put them on the inside to keep them safe from the rain.

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