How to Make Wedding Centerpieces

Make Wedding Centerpieces

With all that goes into the planning of a wedding, the table centerpieces should not be all time consuming. Using fresh flowers creates a simple yet elegant centerpiece. Adding small votive candles around the centerpiece creates a soft look and feel to the table.

Carve off a small flat bottom on the foam ball so it will sit flat in the bowl. Soak the foam ball in water for about 30 minutes; place something on top of the foam ball to keep it submerged in the water. Set the ball aside on a dish drainer to let excess water drain off.

Use approximately 50 carnations per foam ball depending on the size. Cut the stems of the carnations to about 3 inches in length.

Set the foam ball in the bowl. Begin inserting carnations starting at the center top of the ball. Continue inserting carnations in a spiral around the center flower and working outward. Cover the foam ball completely with the carnations. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for as many centerpieces as you need.

Set the bowl with the carnations in the center of the reception table. Surround the bowl with small votive candles; light the candles at the beginning of the reception.


You can use any type of flowers in place of the carnations.

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