How to Make Wedding Bows

Making your own wedding bows adds a personal touch.
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Every detail of a wedding is important, including the decorations in the church and at the reception. The colors and style of the decorations affect the mood of the event. There are definite advantages to making your own wedding bows for the church and reception hall instead of buying ones previously made. It not only saves your budget, but also gives you the opportunity to choose precisely the color and design you want for your wedding day decorations.

Making your own wedding bows adds a personal touch.
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Things You'll Need

  • Craft Wire Or Floral Wire
  • Scissors
  • Pew Clips
  • 9-Inch Wide Organza

Experiment with sizes first. Start with a strip of organza ribbon about 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 yards long and make your test bows. Check how the bow size and length will work with the pews, then decide on a standard length for making the pew wedding bows.

Find the center of the strip of organza. Make a large loop between your forefinger and thumb. It is natural to use your dominant hand for the first loop. Grasp the middle of the other side of the organza ribbon and loop it around the first loop, just like you are tying a pair of shoes. Use your forefinger to insert the organza back through the loop you just created. Pull it through with the fingers you used to make the first loop.

Adjust the shape and size of the wedding bow by gently pulling on each strip of organza ribbon remaining (the tails). Adjust both ends until the wedding bow looks right to you.

Cut another piece of organza ribbon that is the same length as the first. Wrap the second piece of organza around the front of the wedding bow where it is tied. Tie the second piece in the back. This will create a more seamless look for the bow. It also adds extra length and doubles the flowing tail of the pew wedding bow.

Place a transparent pew clip over the ribbon. Secure the pew clip with a small piece of craft or floral wire. Attaching the pew clip ahead of time will make decorating with the wedding bows go faster on the big day.


  • If you cannot find 9-inch wide organza, opt for 10- to 12-inch wide organza for the pew wedding bows. Match the ribbon colors to your wedding theme colors.


  • Some churches do not allow you to decorate the pews, so check with the director first.