How to Make Vulcan Ears

Things You'll Need

  • Swimming cap
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Liquid latex
  • Disposable brush
  • Translucent makeup powder
  • Toilet paper
  • Spirit gum
  • Theatrical makeup

A longtime favorite among Star Trek convention attendees and geeks in general, Vulcan ears were first made famous by Mr. Spock and have been a sci-fi icon ever since. Vulcan ears have changed little in the decades since the original "Star Trek" series. They make for an instantly recognizable costume when combined with the appropriate hair and makeup design. Create your own Vulcan ears for a perfect fit.

Put on the swim cap, tucking in all the hair. Generously coat the entire ear and the area of the head and swim cap behind the ear with a layer of petroleum jelly. Use enough petroleum jelly to make the coated area glisten; this will keep the latex from sticking.

Brush liquid latex over the top of the ear (above the ear canal) using a disposable brush or smear it with your finger. Apply a thin sheet, let it dry, then add additional layers until the latex is about an eighth of an inch thick; you'll know each layer is dry when its color darkens and it becomes slighly translucent.

Coat your fingers in powder; this will keep the dry latex from sticking to you or to itself as you handle it.

Peel the latex from the top of the ear, forming a mitten-like shape. If necessary, cut a slit up the back of the latex piece to be able to remove it. Run your powder-coated finger inside the piece to reduce the stickiness on the inside.

Shape the ear tip onto the top of the ear piece. Tear tiny strips of toilet paper; soak them thoroughly in liquid latex. Shape the soaked latex like clay to build the pointed tips of the ears on top of the ear impressions. Pinch the material to form the points, twisting them to curl forward (this is the primary design difference between Vulcan ears and most designs for elf ears). Let dry.

Fasten the ears in place using a small dot of spirit gum. Color the ears with foundation face makeup.