How to Make Valentine's Day Hearts to Print & Cut Out

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Paint program (comes with Windows)
  • Printer
  • Card stock (heavy paper)
  • Scissors

Making Valentine's Day hearts to print and cut out can be used as a craft project for holiday decorations or for Valentine's Day cards. Hearts are a standard element for Valentine's Day because they represent what the holiday is all about--love.

Find the Paint program on your computer. Paint is a software program that comes with Microsoft Windows. Go into the "Start" menu and find "Accessories." Click on this link to see what is available. Paint will be in the drop down menu. Open the Paint program.

Open a blank document in the Paint program. Resize the paper so it matches the card stock paper size. A common size is 8 1/2 x 11. Use this paper size to get quality Valentine's Day hearts. Several hearts can be placed on this sheet of paper of varying sizes so there will be no wasted paper.

Search the tool bar section that opens with the blank document. This may open on the top or on the left side of the screen depending on how the program was set up. There is an icon that represents dashed lines of geometric shapes. Click this icon and choose the heart shaped dashes. This makes the heart-making process simple and exact.

Use the cursor icon to find a starting point on the blank document. Click once on the spot chosen. This will be the starting point of the heart's shape. Move the cursor outward, away from the starting point to the size you want. The dashes will move with you to give you an idea of what the heart will look like. Click the cursor button again to make the heart shape stay. Repeat this process over the entire sheet of paper, making Valentine's Day hearts of varying sizes.

Load the card stock paper into the printer you will be using. Save the heart shapes you have made by using the "Save as" button in the top tool bar area. Save the hearts as "Valentine Hearts" so that the file is easy to find later. Find "Print" in the menu options and click to print out the Valentine's Day hearts that you created. You can print as many copies as you like or need. Use scissors to cut out the shapes.


  • Make the hearts colorful by using the "Fill" button on the tool bar menu. This will add any color you choose to the heart shapes you have made.


  • Create more than one heart on each page so you reduce waste.

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