How to Make Tulle Corsages

fleurs et tulle image by Magalice from

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • 1 yard of tulle
  • Ruler
  • Pinking shears

Tulle corsages will never fade and are lasting mementos. At special events like baby or wedding showers, surprise the guest of honor with a forever keepsake. Tulle is easy to work with so you can make small or puffy tulle corsages. Choose a tulle color that matches the color scheme of the event like pale blue or pink for a baby shower. A tulle corsage makes a good base for other corsage materials to.

Cut the tulle fabric in half lengthwise. This narrows the fabric and makes it easier to manage.

Cut an eight-inch section from the tulle. This piece is tied around the wrist. Tie the piece around a plastic cup. Tie it loosely so you can add other tulle to the wrist piece.

Cut eight pieces from the tulle. The pieces should be 6-inches long each.

Take two of the 6-inch pieces; stack them one on top of the other one. Slide the pair under the wrist piece. Even out the pieces on the wrist piece.

Tie the two pieces on the wrist piece, knotting them in place.

Turn the cup. Stack up two more pieces. Tie them to the wrist piece with a knot. Continue repeating this step until there are tied pieces all the way around the cup.

Gather up the ends of all the pieces together. Trim them down until the corsage is puffy and full. Trim a little at a time; cutting too much away will give you a thin-looking corsage.

Dress up the corsage by gluing a silk rose to the top of the tulle corsage or string glitzy beads to a single piece of tulle to use in the corsage.