How to Make Tissue Paper Poppies

The poppy is a pretty red flower that is one of the first to be seen popping up in the springtime. It also became a symbol for remembering our soldiers on Veteran's Day, because of John McRae's poem "In Flanders Fields," which describes a WWI military cemetery in Belgium covered in red poppies. Making poppies from tissue paper is easy and a great activity to engage in with your children on Veteran's Day.

Cut tissue paper into four 6" squares.

Roll one square of tissue paper around a pencil, making sure it's snug.

Squeeze the top and bottom of the tissue paper together toward the center of the pencil. This forms one petal of the poppy.

Remove the tissue paper "petal" from the pencil and set aside.

Repeat Steps 2 through 4 until all four petals are formed.

Holding the tissue petals at the top of the floral wire, wrap the floral tape around the bottom of the petals, continuing down to the end of the wire stem.

Adjust the petals until you like the way they look, and--voila!--you have a tissue-paper poppy.

Things You'll Need

  • Red tissue paper
  • Floral wire
  • Green floral tape


  • Glue a small, round piece of black tisue paper in the center of your flower for added effect. Use green pipe cleaners in place of the floral tape and wire, if desired.

About the Author

Amy Hannaford teaches childbirth education classes and a healthy pregnancy series in Southern Oregon. Hannaford holds an Associate of Arts degree, a certificate in medical assisting, and has been a childbirth educator and birth doula for 20 years. She has been writing articles for Demand Media since 2008.