How to Make Tassels or Fringe

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Things You'll Need

  • Embroidery thread or yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard

Fringe or tassels achieve similar results, yet use different methods. They create a finished edge on the ends of afghans, curtains, table runners and pillows. For the most part, both fringe and tassels attach along the edge of crocheted items. Both techniques are beginner friendly.


Wrap embroidery thread or yarn around a two inch piece of cardboard.

Insert a length of yarn or thread between the cardboard and yarn. If attaching it directly to something, loop the thread through a stitch. Tie a knot. If adding tassels to the corner of a pillow, sew it into the seam.

Slide the thread from the cardboard. Do not cut it. Wind a third piece of thread or yarn about a half inch from the top to create the head. Knot the thread.

Cut the bottom loop of the tassel with a pair of scissors.


Cut at least two strands of yarn or embroidery thread. When making fringe, four stands—each length folds in half—is the minimum. The length of the yarn is twice as long as the desired length of fringe. You can choose whether you want all the strands the same length and color or different lengths and colors.

Slide the crochet hook through the desired stitch. Hook the strands and pull them through the stitch, creating a loop.

Slide the ends through the loop. Pull tightly.


  • Adding both fringe and tassels may create a messy, cluttered look on the project.


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