How to Make Swedish Straw Decorations

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Traditional Swedish crafts often use straw stems to create intricately woven decorations. These dried stems weren’t useful for anything else, so Swedish women filled the winter months with these crafts. These crafts eventually became traditional holiday decorations and migrated to the United States with Swedish immigrants. Today, you can find straw craft kits in many historic museums and Swedish-based communities. Though some of these crafts are quite complicated, there are a couple that you can start with to learn the basics.

Things You'll Need

  • Embroidery Thread, Any Color
  • Dried Straw
  • Scissors

Simple Snowflake

Cut a handful of straws to about 10 inches long. Gather up a bundle of straws about ½ inch thick and wrap the center of the bundle with embroidery thread.

Splay out the straws above and below the embroidery thread, creating a circle of straws that looks a bit like a wheel. Gather the straws into six equal spokes. Wrap the base of each spoke with embroidery thread.

Separate two or three straws from the left and right side of each spoke. Push the tips of the separated straws together to create triangular points between each of the spokes.

Wrap the ends of the points with embroidery thread to keep them together. Your straw snowflake is finished.

Six Pointed Star

Gather up the straws and cut them into 8-inch lengths with sharp scissors. Gather the cut straws into six, ¼-inch thick bundles.

Wrap the end of each bundle with a piece of embroidery thread. Knot the thread tightly so the bundles don’t come loose.

Arrange the bundles into two triangles. Wrap the corners of the triangles with embroidery thread to keep the triangles together.

Place one triangle in front of you, upside down. Place the other triangle, right side up, on top. This should form a six-pointed star.

Tie the two stars together with embroidery thread at the center of each side of the top triangle. This keeps the star together.