How to Make Swedish Costumes for Children

A Swedish costume is easy to customize at home.
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Sweden usually reminds us of the countryside and traditional folk customs. Swedish clothes are made out of wool, cotton or silk. A Swedish costume basically consists of a skirt, blouse and an apron. A striped sweater adds a traditional touch. You can add variations and more components based on personal preference. A headdress is worn by married women so you can omit that when making the costume for children.

Things You'll Need

  • Long Skirt
  • Apron (As Long As The Skirt)
  • Long Sleeved Striped Sweater (Optional)
  • Black Stockings
  • White Full-Sleeved Blouse

Use a striped or plain long skirt for the bottom. Green, blue or black are traditional colors worn by women in Sweden. You can also stitch a long skirt from plain or striped fabric by cutting fabric to the appropriate length and waist size and stitching it along the length.

Wear a plain or frilled white blouse for the top. If you do not have a full-sleeved one, wear a short-sleeved white blouse and wear a long sleeved sweater to complete the look.

Wear an apron from the waist down, tying it where you wear the skirt. A long apron was worn by women since they completed household tasks all day and an apron protected their clothes. A striped blue, green or red apron adds a traditional folksy touch.


  • A silk neck scarf adds a traditional touch. Wear a bodice or a sleeveless vest to add to the custom look.