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How to Make Sticky Note Airplane

Making airplanes out of sticky notes can serve several purpose. Whether you want to pass the time during some off-time at work or toss a sticky note to a friend in an efficient manner, the ability to make sticky note airplanes is a useful skill to have. Much less wasteful than paper airplanes made out of computer paper, making sticky note airplanes can even be a way for the environmentally-conscious to make paper airplanes.

Fold the adhesive section of the sticky note down. On a 3 x 3-inch sticky note, the optimal dimensions after doing this are 2 1/4 x 3 inches.

Hold the folded sticky note so that the longer side is vertical as you look at it and the shorter side is horizontal. Fold the corners inward towards the center so that they form a diagonal 90-degree angle.

Fold the two sides of the sticky note inward so that the diagonally-folded sides touch the center. This will result in a sharper point than before.

Fold the sticky note inward like a book. The sticky note will begin to resemble an airplane at this point.

Fold each side of the "wings" down in the same way that you folded them in Step 3. The sticky note should resemble an airplane. At this point, the sticky note airplane is ready to fly.

Gently toss the sticky note airplane. When thrown well, it will glide gently to its destination.


Practice these steps on computer paper first if you find it difficult to make the tiny folds necessary on sticky notes. The larger surface area of a letter-sized piece of paper makes it easier to fold.

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