How to Make Stage Props

Make Stage Props

How to Make Stage Props. Stage props vary widely by the type of performance. Stage props should look as much like real items as possible, but there are a few considerations of the stage that mean a few differences are necessary. Stage props should be slightly larger than the objects in real life to make them more visible to the audience. Also, make many heavy items lighter to help the performers.

Create a list of the things the production absolutely needs, and concentrate on making those things. Make a secondary list of items that would be nice to have, but aren't crucial.

Consider making a few of the important props in brighter colors to make them more visible and noticeable for the audience.

Find old materials. Go to a thrift store to find inexpensive items that are usable or adjustable for the play. Use paint, paper mache, plastic gems and other alterations to make the items perfect for the play.

Purchase items from a hobby store that can be made into props such as wood cut outs, fabric, holiday decorations and anything else that would be appropriate. Buy foam shapes, and cover them with fabric or paint to make the items.

Use a sewing machine to make sewing the fabric items easier. Decide what fabric items are necessary, and sew them all at once to save time and fabric.


Keep unnecessary props to a minimum to avoid distracting the audience from the performance-just because you can make something doesn't mean you should.

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