How to Make Sports Jerseys

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Things You'll Need

  • Ready-made jersey (optional)
  • Jersey material (mesh)
  • T-shirt pattern
  • Sewing machine
  • Self-adhesive letters and numbers
  • Pack of straight pins

Creating your own sports jersey not only saves you money, but also provides you with full creative licensing to design it to your liking. Sewing a jersey from scratch or designing a ready-made jersey are cost-effective ways to replace lost, damaged or missing jerseys. There are also innovative ways to create personalized jerseys for sale or for sports teams.

Ready-Made Jersey

Wash the jersey before getting started. This will provide a better fit.

Place the jersey on a hard and flat surface. If the jersey is wrinkled, place a sheet over the jersey and iron it.

Align the letters of your last name on the back of the jersey without taking the adhesive off. Once you’re satisfied with the positioning, take the backing off of the first letter and place it back where it was. Repeat this action for each letter.

Remove the backing from the numbers and stick them onto the front and back of the jersey. For help in aligning the numbers, lay the numbers in the position you want them in and mark the top left corner and bottom right corner of each number with a dot. The dot should be on the fabric. This will help you place the number back in the correct position.

Sew Jersey from Scratch

Take measurements of yourself or the person who will wear the jersey.

Cut out the pattern that coincides with the measurement and lay it over the material.

Use pins to pin the pattern to the jersey material and trace around the pattern.

Unpin the pattern and cut along the traced line on the fabric.

Sew the jersey according to your sewing machine’s instructions. Apply the self-adhesive letters and numbers to your jersey on the front and back.


  • You can use fabric paint for the name and numbers instead of self-adhesives. Just purchase number and letter stencils (numbers should be about 7 inches in height), tape the stencil to the jersey and use fabric paint to paint inside of the stencils. Allow the paint to dry before handling the jersey.


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