How to Make Soap Cigar Bands

By Contributor ; Updated September 15, 2017

Things Needed

  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Card stock
  • Glue stick

How to Make Soap Cigar Bands. Nothing says luxury like walking into a shining bathroom decked out with 2-inch-thick towels and delightful handmade soaps. Mimic this atmosphere in your own bathroom with scented soap, and complete the elegance by wrapping the soap in cigar bands. It's not trash from your grandfather's habit, although that is where the idea of soap cigar bands came from.

Decide what kind of information to put on the cigar band. Design a unique logo, list the ingredients of the handmade soap, tell a wonderful story about making the soap or add welcoming words related directly to the event.

Open a new file in Microsoft Publisher, ignoring any template suggestions the software may give. The file should be a full-page, blank publication.

Change the page layout to landscape, and set the margins to the following: left to 0.3 inch, right to 0.3 inch, top to 0 inch and bottom to 0 inch.

Choose to view grid guidelines and boundaries, which helps to ensure all graphics and text line up correctly. Create four or five columns, which become the soap cigar bands, leaving a 0.2-inch space between each band.

Add your specialized label, graphics and any text to the first cigar band. Use the software to reposition or resize the objects until it looks visually appealing. With the boundaries and guides visible, it's sometimes difficult to envision what the band will look like. Do a print preview, or print test pages to check the exact layout.

Select all graphics, text and pictures on the first cigar band once you finalize it and group them. Copy and paste them into the other four bands to create duplicate soap cigar bands.

Print the final copy on card stock and cut out each cigar band. Wrap the soap, and secure the bands with glue stick.


Look at old cigar bands from the past. The trend is to make the soap cigar bands look nostalgic, a throwback to the days when cigar bands reflected the quality of the product, and the designs told much about the cigar to everyone regardless of their ability to read. Try taking some ideas from old cigars and modifying them to fit your own soap.

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