How to Make Scooter Ramps

Scooter Ramp

Scooters are fun ways to get exercise and show off new tricks. One of the best tools for trying new tricks on your scooter is the scooter ramp. They are fun to make and even more fun to use.

Start by cutting out a piece of plywood measuring 1.5 feet wide and 6 feet long. This will be the main portion of the ramp. Create safety edges for the scooter ramp by gluing and/or screwing two pieces of wood, 1 inch wide and 6 feet long to both sides of the ramp. This will keep the scooter from leaving the side of the ramp.

Sand one end of the plywood at a 20 degree angle, or something close to that angle. This will make the ramp flush with the ground, making it easy for a scooter to ride up the ramp.

Next, construct a box using 5 pieces of plywood, each measuring 1.5 feet square. Use four of the plywood squares for the side of the box, with the last one completing the top of the box. This will be the platform part of the ramp. Use either wood glue or screws to secure the box together.

Connect the box to the ramp with either wood glue or screws. Sand the connection between the box and the scooter ramp and fill any gap with more wood glue. This will make a smooth transition between the box and the ramp.

Finish by sanding the entire scooter ramp. Enjoy taking your scooter off the new ramp, and be safe out there.


Measure twice, cut once. Take your time with measurements to ensure few mistakes.


Always use safety equipment when using power tools. Wear a helmet and pads when riding a scooter.