How to Make Scary, Disgusting Halloween Masks

scary mask image by Antonio Oquias from

Things You'll Need

  • Clear plastic mask
  • Newspaper
  • Flour
  • Bowl
  • Paint
  • Makeup
  • Brush
  • Nail polish

Halloween is not just for kids anymore. Adult costumes and masks are more over-the-top every year, with frightening masks and bloody clothing being the norm. Don't go to your next Halloween party in a mask that is mass produced and likely to be the twin of at least one other party-goer. Make your own ultimate disgusting mask and spread horror through the party with your inventive designs.

Purchase an inexpensive clear or white mask for the base of your costume. It doesn't matter if your mask has makeup applied to it, as it will be covered. You only need a mask with a smooth face. Many online Halloween stores carry see-through masks. Make sure that the elastic is secure. Add extra tape or staples if the elastic band seems loose.

Mix flour and water in a bowl until it is slightly thinner than glue. Tear strips of newspaper until they are about 1 inch wide or narrower. Soak the strips in the flour and water mixture.

Smooth the strips over the mask until it is covered completely. Build up more layers of newspaper to create a sturdy base.

Add bits and pieces to the mask base in various shapes and sizes. Create a horrible complexion for your mask. Large round pustules or long scar-shaped lumps are a good start. Add various layers and lumps all over the entire mask surface. Allow the mask to dry completely.

Paint the mask with a light color for a base. Add layers of paint for a complexion on top of the first paint layer. Consider flesh tones with red undertones for creepy bloody effects, or use a gray and green look for more putrid facial expressions.

Pull one or two bristles out of a brush and glue them into the center of some of the round lumps, to look like stiff hairs growing out of warts. Add shiny red lines for bleeding cracks in the cheeks. Drip large drops of nail polish, either clear or milky, onto the surface. Leave the drop as thick as possible. When it dries, it will look like a drop of some bodily fluid on the face.