How to Make Roses Out of Hershey's Kisses

brentmelissa/iStock/Getty Images

Hershey’s Kisses have been satiating sweet tooths since they were first introduced in 1907. But they’re not just for eating anymore. With a little time and effort, you can also make them into beautiful rosebuds that are sure to delight the lucky receiver. They make great bouquets, wedding centerpieces and gifts for loved ones. Better yet, this is a great craft that both children and adults can enjoy doing.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Red Cellophane
  • Ruler Or Tape Measure
  • Floral Sticks
  • Green Floral Tape
  • Hershey'S Kisses
  • Double-Sided Tape

Using a small piece of double-sided tape, attach the bottom ends of two Hershey's Kisses together.

Cut a piece of red cellophane into a 5-by-5-inch square.

Place the two attached Hershey's Kisses in the cellophane with the tip of one of the Kisses in the center.

Fold the cellophane over the top of the two Kisses. Then continue to wrap the cellophane over the Kisses so that the edges of the cellophane meet at one end of one of the Kisses.

Wrap a 3-inch piece of green floral tape around the open end of the cellophane to securely seal the Kisses inside of the cellophane. The ends of the cellophane form the rose itself.

Gently insert one of the floral sticks into the base of the rose, being careful not to insert the stick into the Kiss itself.

Use the floral tape to attach the floral stick at the base of the rose. Then continue to wind the floral tape diagonally down the floral stick.