How to Make Rocking Chair Out of Clothespins

Things You'll Need

  • Spring clothespins
  • Hot Glue gun

A rocking chair made out of clothespins is an interesting project that is gaining popularity among crafters.

The finished rocking chair is full of unique character and adds charm to any shelf or mantle. This is a very countrified piece that would complement country decor.

This project is quite easy to make and can be completed in a short amount of time.

Make Rocking Chair Out of Clothespins

Twist the clothespins to remove the metal hardware. Discard the hardware.

Make ten clothespin sets by gluing two clothespins together. The sides of the clothespins with small square notches will be placed together. The larger ends will be matched and the smaller ends will be matched to create a piece that has a rounded end on one end and tapers to a pointed end.

Make two "rockers."

Make one rocker by taking two of the ten sets you made in step 2 and butting them together with the tapered edges facing each other. Glue one half of a clothes pin underneath the two pieces that are butting against each other. The edge of the half clothespin with the square notch in it should be glued against the two sets.

Make another rocker in the same way.

Line the two rockers up parallel to each other about two inches apart.

Take four more glued sets of two clothespins and attach these to the rockers. The rounded edges of the glued sets will be glued to the rockers. Arrange these four glued sets evenly space about two inches in from each edge of the rockers. Glue the sets into place on the rockers. The glued sets will be extending vertically from the rockers.

Take four half-clothespins and glue them to the vertically extending glued sets. These four half-clothespins will be adding security and stability to the rocking chair. Position them parallel to the rockers approximately 1-2 inches above the rockers. Glue them into place. This makes the bottom of the chair into one piece by attaching the two halves together.

Make the arms of the chair by gluing one glued set of clothespins to the top of the two vertically extending glued sets on each side. The rounded end of the glued set should face the front of the chair and the tapered end should face the back of the chair.

Make the seat of the chair. Glue five half-clothespins together side-to-side to create a flat seat area. Attach the seat by applying glue across the front of the seat section and inserting it into the center of the chair area between the rockers and below the arms of the chair. The seat is attached in the front to the cross panel.

Glue one half clothespin to the back of each arm on the back of the chair with the tapered edge facing up. This piece will be perpendicular to each arm and will extend above each arm approximately one inch. Glue another half clothespin to the back of each arm extending from this point. Glue the tapered end of the half clothespin to the tapered end that is extending above each arm.

Glue two back rails of the chair in place by gluing two half clothespins horizontally between the half clothespins that were attached last in step 8. Attach one at the very top and one approximately 1 inch lower than this one. Glue one more back rail at the arm level on the back for added stability


  • Add a small stuffed cushion to the seat of the rocking chair for an instant pin cushion.