How to Make Play Food With Play-Doh

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Things You'll Need

  • Cookie cutters
  • Butter knife
  • Play-Doh

Play-Doh isn't just for playing anymore. The colorful children's dough can be made into jewelry, hand print wall-hangings and even faux-food. With a wide variety of Play-Doh colors and various household items you can make faux food on your own.


Create a color. For chocolate chip cookies, choose a light brown Play-Doh. If the color is not light enough, mix it with a fingernail sized ball of either white or yellow colored Play-Doh. Keep adding until you are satisfied with the color.

Flatten the cookie. Take a light brown colored ball of Play-Doh about the height and width of your thumb and roll it into a ball. Flatten the dough with your palm to about four or five centimeters.

Shape the cookies. Using cookie cutters, cut the cookies into different shapes such as: gingerbread men, hearts, flowers and stars. For a more realistic looking cookie, drag your thumb or the back of a spoon across the cookie, pressing it lightly along the top and then letting go. Repeat this step so that it creates small hills along the cookie.When not using cookie cutters remember that the edges of a real cookie would not be perfectly round. For peanut butter cookies, drag a fork along the top of the cookie horizontally and then vertically to create the recognizable crisscross pattern.

Create toppings. For chocolate chip cookies, take dark brown or black Play-Doh no bigger than your fingernail and pinch them in between both your pointer fingers and thumbs. Flatten the bottom of one side until it appears mildly triangular. Press them gently into the cookie base until they stick.


Create the body of the apple. Take red Play-Doh in your hands about the size of a balled fist and roll it in between your palms until it is a ball. Create an indent with the base of your thumb at the top and bottom of the ball. Smooth out the indents with your pointer finger. Press your thumb lightly down vertically the entirety of the apple to make lines and add dimension. Use green and yellow Play-Doh for different colored apples.

Using brown Play-Doh, roll a small amount between your thumb and middle finger until it goes long. Cut this small enough to serve as an apple stem and place it in the indent at the top of the apple.

Add a worm. Take two white pieces of Play-Doh, no bigger than the handle of a thumb-tack and place two black dots of Play-Doh on top. These are the eyes of your worm. Roll out a pink or yellow piece of Play-Doh, about the width of a quarter, until it is long. Cut off any excess worm, making the worm an inch to an inch and a half thick. Bend the body in the middle until the worm makes a slight S shape. Take a dull pencil and drag it horizontally across the entire body of the worm to create worm lines. Add the eyes by pressing them on top of the worms face. Stick the worm into the apple by creating an indent with your pinkie finger in the apple and inserting the worm in, then pressing the red Play-Doh into the worm for stability. If your worm still does not stick, shorten the worm and try again.


  • You can harden your Play-Doh by food baking it in the oven at 200 degrees for five minutes.


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