How to Make Plastic Grocery Bag Purses

Things You'll Need

  • 200 plastic grocery bags (estimation, may be slightly more or less)
  • Duct tape (use a fun color!)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

If you find yourself with more plastic grocery bags than you know what to do with, you have a few options. Some stores allow you to return these grocery bags for recycling. Or you could recycle them yourself into a creative new item. Making purses out of plastic grocery bags is fun, economical and new. Imagine the comments you might receive when you carry a purse made from plastic grocery bags!

Cut the plastic grocery bags into 1-inch wide strips. It does not matter if you cut them up and down or across.

Lay out 10 strips side by side vertically in front of you on a work surface to begin to make one half of the purse.

Tape the top and bottom edges of the strips to the table with duct tape.

Begin weaving the remaining strips in and out from the taped strips. Place a strip under the first strip and over the next strip and under the next strip continuing through all of the taped strips.

Continue weaving under and over as you get to the end of the first row. When the strip you are weaving with runs out, begin a new strip in the same place of the weaving and continue weaving under and over the taped strips. Push the woven strips down tightly against each other as you weave.

Weave the strips of plastic bag until the piece is as large as you desire.

Stop weaving when the purse half is as large as you want and cut off the weaving strip at an edge. Tuck it in securely so it doesn't unravel.

Remove the duct tape from the top and bottom of the vertical strips.Place duct tape along all four edges of the woven piece and fold the tape over to the back side so that all four edges are covered.

Repeat steps 2 through 8 to make the second half of the purse.

Place the two purse halves together and duct tape them securely down both sides and the bottom of the purse.

Make purse handles by braiding three plastic bag strips together to form two handles in the desired length. Wrap duct tape several times around the ends of the braids to secure the braiding.

Attach the purse handles to the insides of the purse with duct tape. Use several pieces of tape to make sure the handles are secure.