How to Make Photo Corners

Photo corners can give a classy, elegant accent to pictures.
Ksenia Palimski/iStock/Getty Images

Photo corners are a simple solution to help any photo stand out. However, sometimes you need to hunt around for that perfect color or buy an entire package when you only want a few. Instead, try making your own photo corners, customized to fit and match your photo perfectly. It’s a quick, inexpensive and makes for a fun afternoon project.

Things You'll Need

  • Colored Paper Of Choice
  • Adhesive Of Choice
  • Straight Edged Scissors
  • Fancy Edged Scissors, If Desired

Cut a strip of paper to measure approximately 1 inch by 4 inches.

With the strip of paper lying horizontally, find the center and fold down one corner to meet the center line. Crease the edge.

Fold the opposite corner to the center to create an arrow shape.

Cut the excess tail from the photo corner, using the straight edge as a guide. Use either straight-edged scissors or fancy-edged scissors when you cut.

Check the fit of the corner on your photo. Trim it as necessary.

Apply the adhesive of your choice on the back side of all four photo corners and attach it to desired surface.


  • Try double-layering photo corners of different colors by trimming one color a bit smaller than the other.

    Acid-free paper and adhesives help preserve the life of the photo.

    Try adjusting the width and/or length of the strip in step 2 for different looks, or if you want larger photo corners for larger photos.