How to Make Paper Rose Petals

Create a beautiful facsimile of the real thing.
rose rose image by Freddy Smeets from

Scattered rose petals are a classic way to create romantic ambiance through decoration. While natural rose petals create the best effect, they begin to wilt and dry within hours. For a longer-lasting, reusable alternative, create paper petals. With the proper shape and the right treatment with rose water, your paper petals can re-create the look and smell of the real thing.

Create a beautiful facsimile of the real thing.
rose rose image by Freddy Smeets from

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Soft Stationary Paper
  • Bowl
  • Waxed Paper
  • Pencil
  • Rose Water
  • Scrap Paper
  • Rose Petal Or Picture Of Rose Petal

Create or find a rose petal pattern shape. Locate a real, fresh rose petal, find a clear photo or clip art drawing of a petal, or draw your own. Make a shape similar to a heart, but with a smooth, round top free of a downward dip in the center.

Make copies of the petal pattern in slightly different sizes and shapes. Either re-draw by hand, or scan the image into a computer image editing program and make several copies to be re-sized. Create at least four different sizes of rose petals to make the finished, collected petals look more realistic in their variations.

Cut out the rose petal shapes to make tracing patterns.

Trace the petals onto a sheet of stationary paper. Use a pencil with a sharp tip and trace the petals as lightly as possible.

Cut out the petals. Try to cut just inside the pencil lines so as to leave them off the paper petals you create.

Soak the paper petals in rose water. Place them in the water just long enough to saturate them, then remove.

Let the petals dry on a sheet of waxed paper. They will dry soft, curled and rumpled, and with a light, natural rose smell.