How to Make Paper Napkin Rings

Make paper napkin rings for an informal table setting.
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Just because your next gathering leans toward an informal rather than a formal affair does not mean you cannot get creative with your table settings. An informal table set with paper and plastic dishes and utensils provides ample options for accessorizing. Add colorful and imaginative paper napkin rings to set off your paper dinner napkins. Choose papers that complement your party theme, using colors or patterns that will provide a decorative touch to your table setting.

Measure 6 1/4-inch by 1 1/2-inch rectangles onto card stock with a ruler, and draw outlines of the rectangles using the straight edge of the ruler and a pencil. Make one rectangle for each napkin ring you will need.

Cut the rectangles out with scissors.

Place a rectangle onto a flat work surface with the long edges on the top and bottom. Measure a 3/4-inch length from the upper-left edge of the rectangle, and make a small mark with the pencil. Then measure a 3/4-inch length from the bottom-right edge of the rectangle, and make a small mark with the pencil.

Cut a slit at the mark in the upper-left corner from the top edge, down 3/4 inch toward the middle of the rectangle. Cut a similar slit at the mark in the lower-right corner from the bottom edge, up 3/4 inch toward the middle of the rectangle.

Roll up a paper napkin and encircle the rolled napkin with the paper napkin ring, bringing the ends of the rectangle around to the top of the rolled napkin. Connect the slits in the napkin ring together around the napkin to hold the rolled napkin in place with the paper napkin ring.

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