How to Make Paper Dolls Holding Hands

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil

Making paper dolls is a fun and easy craft to do with children, and once they've mastered the technique, it's easy for them to add their own personal touch. When done correctly, the dolls look like they are holding hands. You can attach several sheets of dolls to form a long string.

Fold the paper accordion-style by folding it over approximately 3 inches from the edge, then flip the paper over and fold again. Repeat until you've folded the entire paper.

Draw a doll figure onto the top portion of the paper, making sure the hands extend past the fold of the paper. You can also use a template to trace the figure onto the paper.


Cut along the outline of the figure. Leave the hand area connected on the folded edges of the paper.


Unfold your paper to reveal the paper dolls holding hands.



  • More folds will result in more dolls. Try using different sizes of paper for variety.


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