How to Make No Sew Pillows

Things You'll Need

  • Light- to medium-weight fabric to create a front and back for the desired size pillow
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Iron-on adhesive
  • Pillow filler (foam or batting)

Sewing skills are not required to create a pillow. A little time and creativity are all you need to make a decorative pillow, large or small, as an accent for a chair, sofa or bed to complement any decor. The possibilities extend to a pet bed, a travel pillow or a foot cushion.

Determine the dimensions for the pillow to be created. With a measuring tape, measure the length and width plus 1 inch of fabric. With scissors, cut two identical size pieces.

Lay one piece of fabric flat on the ironing board, right side down. With one hand, hold the edge of one side and fold in 1 inch, right side in. With the other hand, iron the flap to make a crease. Do this all around the four sides, folding in the corners to make a neat point. Put aside. Do the same with the second piece of fabric.

Lay both fabric pieces flat on the ironing board, one on top of the other, right sides out and aligned to the edges on four sides. Starting at one end, slip the iron-on adhesive between the edges. Hold the iron (no steam) on top of the pillow edge for 3 to 5 seconds and move on to the next area along the edge. Cut the adhesive tape on one side before starting the next side. Repeat for three of the four sides of the pillow.

Insert pillow filling and pull the opening of the pillow edges together. Insert the iron-on adhesive between the two flaps as before and iron closed. Let cool and fluff up pillow.


  • This procedure will work for any size pillow. Iron-on adhesive can be purchased at craft stores. It comes in rolls about 8 yards long.


  • If a child is making this project, an adult should handle the iron.

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