How to Make Medieval Leather Gauntlets

Things You'll Need

  • Sheet of leather
  • Utility scissors
  • Nail
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Marker
  • Leather lacing

In medieval times, archers used leather gauntlets (or bracers) to protect the inside of their arm from injury by the string or the bow while they were shooting. Today gauntlets are an important accessory for medieval period costumes and also serve as fashion accessories. While there are many outlets where you can purchase gauntlets, you can make your own and save yourself some money.

Measure your arm from the bottom of your palm to the inside of your elbow. Divide that measurement by .75 to find the desired length of your gauntlets. Then measure your wrist to find the wrist width. Measure your forearm nearest your elbow to find the top width of the gauntlet.

Mark the length and top width of your gauntlet on your leather using the natural edges/corner of the leather and a marker. Measure a line from the outside corner of the gauntlet on the diagonal to find where your inside wrist measurement will begin. Draw a line for that measurement and then draw an additional diagonal line to the inside corner of your top width. You will then have the pattern for your gauntlet.

Cut the gauntlet out using the utility scissors. Use your first gauntlet to create a pattern for the second gauntlet and cut that one out, too.

Measure and mark 1-inch marks on either side of the leather (where it will meet when closed) starting at the top width and ending at the wrist width.

Punch holes on each mark by hammering the nail through the leather. Lace up your gauntlets with the leather lacing using a crisscross pattern (like on a tennis shoe) and pull them as tightly as you desire.


  • Make all marks on the inside of the leather so if you make a mistake in measurement it will not show on the finished product. Create unique designs on your gauntlets via leather tooling.