How to Make Masquerade Ball Masks

How to Make Masquerade Ball Masks. Masquerade ball masks are small masks that you wear over your eyes and nose. These masks are used for balls and Mardi Gras celebrations. They are easy to make and require only a few materials.

Pick a design for your mask. The female mask usually looks like cat-eye glasses on the sides. They are narrow and barely cover the nose. Male masks traditionally cover the forehead, the sides of the cheek and up over the nose.

Cut the design out of the white mask.

Spray paint the mask and dowel rod. Coordinate the color of the mask with the color of the dowel rod.

Glue feathers to the back side of the top of the mask. The male masquerade masks traditionally have short feathers across the top while the female masquerade masks have short feathers on the side with tall feathers in the middle. Make designs or alternate colors.

Glue the dowel rod to the back of a female mask, beside the right eye.

Glue sequins to the front of the mask. Place them randomly, or in design to add decoration.


Purchase basic white masks at craft stores and some department stores during the Halloween season. If you are attending a masquerade ball with a date, coordinate the colors of your masks with your costumes.

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