How to Make Loop Loom Potholders

By Julie Elle ; Updated September 15, 2017

Things Needed

  • Loom
  • Loops
  • Crochet hook

There is something very satisfying to children when they complete a craft project. When the craft project actually has a functional role in every day life (and thus is likely to get used by a grown up) the project becomes even more satisfying. Perhaps that is why good old fashioned loom loop potholders have enjoyed such a strong following for so many years. With a pile of loops fashioned from scrap fabric and a simple square loom, a child can transform a pile of castoff scraps into a beautiful, long lasting loom loop potholder. Knowing how to make loom loop potholders is easy, even if you have never tried it. Start weaving one today and in no time at all your loom loop potholder will be ready for action in your kitchen.

Buy a loom. To make a loom loop potholder you will need to have a loom. Plastic looms manufactured specifically for this purpose are usually available at crafting supply stores. If you are unable to locate a loom, you can also make your own by inserting small tacks along the edges of a wood frame.

Get a supply of loops. You can usually buy loom loops from the same place that you purchased the loom and even if you make your own loom you can still use the loops the craft store sells. You can also make your own loops if you can't locate any for purchase. Whether you make them or buy them, you'll need as many loops as there are tines on two of the four sides of your loom. You should also have a few extra on hand in case any of your loops tear or in case they are not the correct size.

Choose a pattern or color scheme. Take a look at the loops you have in your supply and determine if you will use them in a particular pattern or simply adopt a random approach to the design of your loom loop potholder.

String the loops in one direction onto your loom. Start by attaching a loop to a tine on one end and stretch a loop all the way across the loom to the tine directly across from the tine you started on. Continue this process until two of the four edges of the loom have loops stretched between them, all the way across.

Start weaving. Choose one of the two remaining loopless edges of the loom. Start at one end and attach a loom to the first time. Go under the first loop that you cross. Go over the second loop. Continue to weave the loop under and over the crossing loops until you reach the tine directly across from the tine you started with. Repeat the process all the way across until all the tines are filled.

Finish the edges. Start in one corner of the loom and use a crochet hook to go through the corner loop and grab the second loop which you will pull through. Pull the third loop through the second loop and the fourth loop through the third loop. Continue this process all the way around the potholder until you reach the final loop. This loop will remain as a loop for hanging your loom loop potholder.


Loom loop potholders can make nice Christmas gifts. Just choose red and green loops and create a wonderful, seasonal potholder that is perfect for gift giving.

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