How To Make Key Rings

Rings need a home.

While keyless entry is great, the fact remains the majority of folks old enough to drive still carry a key ring filled with dangling keys. Key rings can be quite the fashion statement. While some may choose to purchase designer key rings, there is an alternative. You can make your own key ring to highlight your own personal style.

Decide the placement and number of beads you want on your key ring. You can place beads before and after your keys, or you can use beads as separators between your keys.

Unscrew the end piece your horseshoe key ring. Place beads and keys onto the key ring. Replace the end piece securely.

Wind a 5-mm split ring onto the loop on the opposite end piece. Wind your favorite bead or charm onto the split ring. In jewelry making, a split ring is a smaller version of a standard key ring. Split rings are used to attach beads and charms to jewelry.


When selecting beads for your horseshoe key ring, choose beads with a hole measuring at least 2.5 mm to fit onto the key ring.


Remember, key rings are often treated quite roughly. Do not place any bead or charm on your key ring that you think may not withstand the rigors of key ring usage.

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