How to Make Ink Pads

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic travel soap case
  • Felt
  • Ink
  • Scissors

Rubber stamps are a popular tool for creating decorative accents on crafts, but the proper ink color is not always available. Fortunately, it's fairly easy to make a homemade ink pad that can be customized to feature any color of ink.

Place the plastic travel soap case atop a piece of felt. Use a pen to outline the size and shape of the bottom of the soap holder on the felt.

Use scissors to cut out the piece of felt that will sit inside the bottom of the soap case. Cut just inside the lines that were created in Step 1.

Place the cut piece of felt inside the soap case. It should sit flat on the bottom of the soap case. If necessary, trim the felt to create a perfect fit.

Pour just enough ink into the bottom of the soap case so that the liquid covers the felt.

Wait a minute or two to allow the felt to absorb the ink, then pour the excess ink back into the ink bottle.


  • Replace the cover on the soap case when the ink pad is not in use to prevent the ink pad from drying out. Add in additional ink as necessary. Store the soap case-turned-ink pad horizontally. Placing the soap case on its side can cause leaking. Ink can be substituted with paint for projects that require paint instead.