How to Make Icing Flowers

Things You'll Need

  • Drop flower tip
  • Decorating bag
  • Icing
  • Writing tip
  • No. 59 tip
  • No. 32 tip
  • No. 14 tip
  • No. 16 tip

There's nothing like a beautiful flower to give a cake elegance and beauty. Icing flowers can be used to beautify everything from birthday cakes to wedding cakes. With a little practice and imagination, you can make icing flowers yourself, making your friends and relatives wonder how you got to be so talented.

Make Drop Flowers to Decorate a Cake

Fit a drop flower tip on a decorator bag.

Fill the bag with the icing of your choice. You don't have to fill the bag all the way. Instead, go for one-quarter to one-half full, depending on how many drop flowers you want to make.

Position your bag with the drop flower tip held at a 90-degree angle.

Place the tip just a little bit above the cake you're decorating.

Squeeze the bag to start the icing moving through the tip. You should lift the tip a little as you squeeze the bag.

Stop squeezing when the flower is the size you want it to be, lifting the tip away from your finished flower.

Repeat the process to make as many flowers as you need to decorate your cake.

Put a writing tip on your bag.

Push the bag of icing to put a dot in the center of each icing flower.

Make a Lilac out of Icing

Put a number 59 decorating tip on your decorator bag.

Fill your bag with buttercream icing.

Push the icing through the tip, and create small petals. You'll need four of them, and they should be somewhat rounded in shape.

Change to a number 32 decorating tip.

Use your number 32 tip to create a base for your lilac.

Make an upside-down longish shell using your number 32 tip. This will be your flower's base.

Put a number 14 tip on your bag and pipe stars.

Set your flowers on the base you created.

Keep piping until you have formed a cluster of lilacs.

Make Rosettes to Create a Cake Border

Put a number 16 tip on your decorator bag.

Use buttercream icing to fill your decorator bag about one-half full.

Position the tip at a 90-degree angle over your cake's surface.

Put the tip just above the cake, almost touching it.

Squeeze the icing out of the bag while moving the tip in a counterclockwise circle.

Move the tip to the center of your now complete circle.

Lift the tip away from the surface of your cake.

Put the tip close to the surface of the cake again, making sure it nearly touches your first rosette.

Begin piping your next rosette right next to the first one.

Continue piping rosettes until you have completed a border for your cake.


  • Use a coupler to save time and effort. By adding this handy piece to your bag, you can change tips without having to remove the frosting or change bags.

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