How to Make Ice Candle Globes

Things You'll Need

  • Recycled plastic ice cream bucket
  • Recycled plastic soft-butter container
  • Berries, sliced fruit, cedar branches or flower blossoms
  • Tea light candle

Greet your guests this winter with the warm flicker of candle luminaries lining your walkway. Make shimmering, elegant ice candle globes that will fit any budget. Ice candle globes are eco-friendly. When the globe finally melts, the ingredients are biodegradable and all you are left with is the candle. If you are making several, get your kids involved in gathering the supplies and making the globes. The candle globes will last as long as your outdoor temperatures stay below freezing.

Pour water into a recycled ice cream bucket and a recycled soft-butter container, filling each halfway to the top.

Place the butter container inside the ice cream bucket and allow it to float. You want water to be under the butter container to form the bottom of the candle globe.

Insert small berries, sliced fruit, cedar branches or flower blossoms between the ice cream bucket and the butter container. The inserted items will stabilize the butter container, centering it in the bucket. If needed, add more water to the ice cream bucket, filling it to within a half inch of the top.

Place the filled containers into your freezer, or outside if your weather is below freezing. Allow the candle globes to freeze overnight.

Fill your kitchen sink with warm water. Quickly dip the buckets into the water. Slide the ice out of the bucket and lift the container from the inside. You are left with a cavity inside the ice.

Place the ice candle globe beside your sidewalk and insert a tea light candle.


  • Experiment with plastic containers in a variety of shapes and sizes. If using your ice candle globe indoors, place the globe in a waterproof tray to catch the water as the ice melts.

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