How to Make Homemade Arrowheads

Things You'll Need

  • Rock with no grain
  • Hammer
  • Limestone

Arrowheads discovered today are great archaeological discoveries. Many of the arrowheads found in the United States date back to the Native Americans and have excellent craftsmanship that has been preserved through the ages. You can make your own arrowheads with a few simple tools and some rocks.

Choose the rock you would like to use to make your arrowhead. Try to avoid any rocks that might have a frost fracture and try to find one that has no grains. This type of rock are usually brittle enough to be shaped and broken.

Use a hammer and, with forceful blows, chip away at the rock and keep flaking the rock until it forms an arrow shape. Make sure your strikes aren't just powerful but controlled as well.


Take a piece of soft limestone and use it to grind the edge of your arrowhead. This makes your arrowhead more sturdy and long lasting.


Carefully remove all the excess flakes and shards off the arrowhead with a towel.