How to Make Haunted House Props

Ghosts are just one Halloween haunted house prop you can make.
Ghost image by Eagle from

Making your own haunted house props can be the difference between buying expensive commercial items and saving money by making your own. While building your own props can take a bit of time, you probably have most of what you need around the house. Making props can also be a fun family activity.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Strainer
  • Scotch Tape
  • Water
  • Ribbon Or String
  • Pan
  • Black Marker
  • Old Pantyhose
  • Plastic Hooks With Sticky Backing
  • Balloons
  • Clear Packing Tape
  • Fork
  • Red Food Coloring
  • Large Plastic Bowl
  • Old Sheets
  • 2 Boxes Of Macaroni And Spaghetti Noodles

Spider Webs

Purchase several pairs of cheap pantyhose, or gather up several pairs of your own old pantyhose.

Cut the legs off of all the pantyhose. Throw the panty part of the hose away, then cut the legs into different lengths, to make different-sized spider webs. .

Stick the fork into a pantyhose piece, then pull upward and or downward to shred the it. This will give the pantyhose piece a spiderweb texture.

Tape the newly made spiderwebs wherever you like. Banisters on a staircase and corners are a few examples.


Blow up a balloon.

Throw an old sheet over the top of balloon. The balloon will be the ghost's head.

Tie a long piece of ribbon or string around the sheet at the bottom of the balloon. This will keep the head of your ghost in place.

Draw a scary face on the sheet where it covers the front or back side of the balloon.

Put one of the plastic hooks with sticky backing on the ceiling.

Tie another string around the neck of your ghost, then tie it to the plastic hook to suspend the ghost from your ceiling. Repeat the process for as many ghosts as you would like.

Brains in a Bowl

Boil water in a large pot.

Add two boxes long spaghetti noodles and macaroni noodles. Boil them until they are soft.

Drain the noodles.

Put the noodles in large plastic bowl. Add five or ten drops of red food coloring. You only want enough to turn the noodles pink rather than red, so less is more.

Refrigerate the noodles for a few hours to give them a harder and stiffer texture.

Set out your bowl of brains in time for your Halloween haunted house presentation.


  • Tape a ghost or two to the walls, have someone hold the edges of the sheet below your ghost's head and spread them out on the wall so you can tape the edges to the wall. Clear packing tape works best for this.