How to Make Gloves

Things You'll Need

  • light-weight stretchy fabric
  • pattern or pattern paper
  • scissors
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • pencil or wooden dowel

Gloves are used for a variety of purposes, whether its to keep your hands warm if you live in a cold climate, to protect your hands from thorns if you are an avid gardener, or to show your inner fashionista. Gloves are simple to make regardless of the occasion or reason that you wear them.

Get out your pattern or pattern paper. Lay your hands on the paper and trace loosely around the fingers and wrist.

Trace a quarter inch around the outline of your hands for your seam allowance.

Take your fabric and fold it over so that there are two layers, making sure that the stretch of the fabric is going horizontally.

Lay your pattern on the fabric, and pin the pattern to the fabric, again with the stretch of the fabric going horizontally.

Cut the pattern along the outer seam line.

Unpin the pattern from the fabric and put the two pieces of fabric together and sew one quarter inch around the pattern.

Snip the fabric around the inner curves of the fingers, making sure not to cut the thread.

Turn the glove inside out. It might be easier to use a pencil or wooden dowel to push the fingers of the glove through.

Turn the top of the wrist area down about one half an inch and stitch about one quarter of an inch from the fold.

Viola you have your gloves! Enjoy your new pair of gloves!