How to Make Funny Hats for Kids

Things You'll Need

  • Paper plates
  • Safety scissors
  • Crayons, markers or colored pencils
  • Heavy construction or oak tag paper
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  • Old magazines
  • Other art supplies (googly eyes, cutouts and so on)

How can you entertain several young children on a rainy day? What activity can keep a roomful of toddlers happy at a birthday party? What can you do with a kid on your first babysitting gig? Make funny hats with them! Kids love hats, and they can add their own unique ideas to each one.

Draw lines on a paper plate, as shown below. Make sure to leave about an inch at the edge of the plate.

Have your child use safety scissors to cut along the lines. Help if necessary.

Fold the triangles upward so they stick up like spikes.

Encourage the child to decorate each spike as he or she wishes. Children may wish to put a flower on each spike, or they may draw pictures of the members of their family. Give them ideas if necessary, but allow them to come up with their own if possible.

Cut a strip of construction or oak tag paper so it just fits around your child's head.

Staple the two ends together to form a loop.

Ask your child what type of animal he or she would like to be. Talk with your child about what kind of ears that animal has.

Encourage your child to use construction paper to create the ears of that animal.

Staple the ears to the loop so that they will be over your child's own ears.

Roll a piece of construction paper into the shape of a cone. Make sure that the opening on the bottom is large enough for your child's head.

Staple or tape the hat so that it retains its shape. Cut off the extra paper at the hat's base.

Have children cut stars and moons out of construction paper and glue them onto the hat.

Alternatively, give the children old magazines and encourage them to cut out pictures of items they like. Have them glue those items onto the hat instead.


  • Encourage children to use their imaginations. Don't force your own ideas onto the children. Accept their ideas, even if they differ from your own. Tell children that they can use these hats to pretend to be another character.


  • Supervise children carefully when they are using scissors and other dangerous objects.